How to reconnect OneDrive for Business to an existing library

Short Version – Cross your fingers, wiggle your ears, and restart your computer!

After some time disconnected from Wifi, my OneDrive would not reconnect, so I stopped the service. This turned out to be a foolish move as the restarted OneDrive for Business somehow lost the folder it had placed inside my computer files. The simple Microsoft synopsis was – “No libraries are currently connected”

This clearly wasn’t the case as my local copy of OneDrive for Business was still available, and the web version existed too. So I turned to searching. A search of reconnect onedrive folder did not reveal immediate results. The Microsoft help sheets are regularly top of the search results, but sometimes irrelevant to my search criteria. These results included answers for previous versions, original installation instructions, and unrelated sync issues.

So, I tried tinkering on my own. First I tried the obvious way, giving OneDrive my URL and seeing what it could do. It seems like this text box might want a file directory, given that it mentions “File Explorer”, but I think that means you will find your documents in File Explorer AFTER this process. I would be very surprised if an offline file syncing system placed documents anywhere other than File Explorer, but am glad that Microsoft points that out for us.

In testing, this box actually wants a website URL, the address of the OneDrive library in Sharepoint.

Anyway, so I copied in my Sharepoint URL, which crashed OneDrive for Business the first time.

All good so far. Luckily Windows was collecting information, which is helpful because it makes the process a little bit longer. When I tried again, the URL did process successfully but informed me that I had an older, incompatible version of OneDrive for business. This was odd as it had been working earlier that morning.

Very well, let’s try updating. I follow the process on the website:

Then follow the same process again, to be told that I am already syncing this account:

In frustration I restarted the laptop completely, and on reboot OneDrive for Business loaded fine. So I (and Microsoft) have no idea what the actual issue was in this case. Another gremlin for someday.